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NBA Analytics- January 15th

The following rankings determine the most effective and most consistent players on each NBA team.  Only players appearing in 50% of their team's games are eligible.  Effectiveness is measured using the mean of the player's fantasy value, calculated by ESPN's formula [Pts + Reb + 1.4*Ast + Stl + 1.4*Blk -.7*TO + FGM + .5*TGM -.8*(FGA-FGM) + .25*FTM - .8*(FTA-FTM)] and consistency is measured by the standard deviation of the player's ESPN values divided by the mean.


Eastern Conference


Atlantic Division


Boston Celtics:

Best Player: Rajon Rondo-33.5

Most Consistent Player: Rajon Rondo-.28

Most Inconsistent Player: Brian Scalabrine-1.28


New Jersey Nets:

Best Player: Brook Lopez-34.5

Most Consistent Player: Devin Harris-.32 (27 of 38 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Sean Williams-.98


New York Knicks:

Best Player: David Lee-37.2

Most Consistent Player: Lee-.31

Most Inconsistent Player: Toney Douglas-1.02


Philadelphia 76ers:

Best Player: Andre Iguodala-34.2

Most Consistent Player: Iguodala-.30

Most Inconsistent Player: Jason Kapono-1.23


Toronto Raptors:

Best Player: Chris Bosh-41.1

Most Consistent Player: Bosh-.27 (Andrea Bargnani-.29)

Most Inconsistent Player: Pops Mensah-Bonsu-.88


Southeast Division


Atlanta Hawks:

Best Player: Joe Johnson-34.1

Most Consistent Player: Josh Smith-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: Mo Evans-1.06


Charlotte Bobcats:

Best Player: Gerald Wallace-33.6

Most Consistent Player: Wallace-.39

Most Inconsistent Player: Gerald Henderson-1.31


Miami Heat:

Best Player: Dwyane Wade-42.4

Most Consistent Player: Wade-.27

Most Inconsistent Player: Daequan Cook-1.02


Orlando Magic:

Best Player: Dwight Howard-35.3

Most Consistent Player: Howard-.33

Most Inconsistent Player: Anthony Johnson-.87


Washington Wizards:

Best Player: Gilbert Arenas-35.6

Most Consistent Player: Arenas, Caron Butler-.32

Most Inconsistent Player: Dominic McGuire- 1.27


Central Division


Chicago Bulls:

Best Player: Derrick Rose-30.5

Most Consistent Player: Rose, Joakim Noah-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: Jannero Pargo-1.31


Cleveland Cavaliers:

Best Player: LeBron James-51.4

Most Consistent Player: James-.24

Most Inconsistent Player: Daniel Gibson-.84


Detroit Pistons:

Best Player: Rodney Stuckey-28.0

Most Consistent Player: Stuckey-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: Austin Daye-.86


Indiana Pacers:

Best Player: Danny Granger-35.8

Most Consistent Player: Granger-.31 (21 of 38 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: AJ Price-.86


Milwaukee Bucks:

Best Player: Andrew Bogut-30.2

Most Consistent Player: Brandon Jennings-.44

Most Inconsistent Player: Kurt Thomas-.96





Western Conference


Southwest Division


Dallas Mavericks:

Best Player: Dirk Nowitzki-40.6

Most Consistent Player: Nowitzki-.33

Most Inconsistent Player: Rodrigue Beabouis-.77


Houston Rockets:

Best Player: Aaron Brooks-28.3

Most Consistent Player: Luis Scola-.35

Most Inconsistent Player: Chase Budinger-.84


Memphis Grizzlies:

Best Player: Zach Randolph-36.6

Most Consistent Player: Rudy Gay-.33

Most Inconsistent Player: Marcus Williams-1.04


New Orleans Hornets:

Best Player: Chris Paul-42.9

Most Consistent Player: Paul-.29 (29 of 37 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Julian Wright-.94


San Antonio Spurs:

Best Player: Tim Duncan-39.7

Most Consistent Player: Duncan-.28

Most Inconsistent Player: Matt Bonner-.73


Northwest Division


Denver Nuggets:

Best Players: Carmelo Anthony-43.0

Most Consistent Player: Anthony-.30

Most Inconsistent Player: Malik Allen-1.18


Minnesota Timberwolves:

Best Player: Kevin Love-32.7

Most Consistent Player: Love-.24 (22 of 40 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Oleksiy Pecherov-.99


Oklahoma City Thunder:

Best Player: Kevin Durant- 43.1

Most Consistent Player: Durant-.31

Most Inconsistent Player: Eric Maynor-.92


Portland Trial Blazers:

Best Player: Brandon Roy-36.9

Most Consistent Player: Roy-.33

Most Inconsistent Player: Jerryd Bayless-.90


Utah Jazz:

Best Player: Deron Williams-37.4

Most Consistent Player: Carlos Boozer-.32

Most Inconsistent Player: Kyrylo Fesenko-1.09


Pacific Division


Golden State Warriors:

Best Player: Monta Ellis-38.8

Most Consistent Player: Ellis-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: C.J. Watson-.78


Los Angeles Clippers:

Best Player: Chris Kaman-34.9

Most Consistent Player: Kaman-.30

Most Inconsistent Player: Steve Novak-2.41


Los Angeles Lakers:

Best Player: Kobe Bryant-42.7

Most Consistent Player: Pau Gasol-.34 (22 of 39 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Josh Powell-1.41


Phoenix Suns:

Best Player: Steve Nash-39.7

Most Consistent Player: Nash-.27

Most Inconsistent Player: Earl Clark-1.39


Sacramento Kings:

Best Player: Tyreke Evans-33.4

Most Consistent Player: Evans-.35

Most Inconsistent Player: Ime Udoka-1.01


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