Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011 NBA Mock Draft v1

  1. Los Angeles Clippers- Perry Jones- PF/C (Baylor)

There isn't a clear cut number one pick right now, although Kyrie Irving's injury appears to have solved a bit of the puzzle. Harrison Barnes would be a great fit for the Clippers, but Jones's potential is off the charts. If he measures out as an NBA center, he could be a great fit with Blake Griffin for a long time.

  1. Sacramento Kings- Harrison Barnes- SF (North Carolina)

Barnes has had some less than stellar performances, but he'll still be a top three pick regardless of his performance the rest of the season. The Kings have a young stud guard and a potential franchise big man, so Barnes would be a great fit on the wing.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves- Terrence Jones- PF (Kentucky)

Sooner or later the Timberwolves have to fall into a quality pick, right? Jones may have been the most impressive player in the country so far this season, so it's an easy pick for the Wolves. He isn't the best fit, but he's the best on the board by a considerable margin, and he'll be a really good NBA player.

  1. New Jersey Nets- Jared Sullinger- PF (Ohio State)

It will be fun to see Sullinger and the Joneses (Perry and Terrence) face off in group workouts. Sullinger is very physical and would be a great fit between Brook Lopez and Carmelo Anthony. (?)

  1. Washington Wizards- Enes Kanter- PF (Turkey)

Javale McGee and Andray Blatche have been good, but is either one a starter on a title contender? The Wizards need a youth infusion up front, and although Kanter is raw, he could develop into a big time NBA player. It's tough to say without having seen him in the NCAA, but Kanter could go down as the steal of this draft.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers- Brandon Knight- PG/SG (Kentucky)

The Cavaliers have one need and one need only- star power, and Knight provides it. He has as much upside as anyone in this draft, and I expect big strides from him between now and March Madness.

  1. Detroit Pistons- Donatas Motiejunas- PF (Lithuania)

Motiejunas has had a lot of hype for a long time, and I'd be surprised if he dropped out of the draft again this year. He's still young, and very raw, but he has great size and physical tools, and the Pistons are nowhere near playoff contention, so they can afford to draft a project.

  1. Toronto Raptors- Kemba Walker- PG (Connecticut)

Jose Calderon has been better, but the Raptors are still a long way away, and could use an upgrade at essentially every position. Walker is a fierce competitor and should be effective at the next level.

  1. Golden State Warriors- John Henson- PF (North Carolina)

Henson definitely has some holes in his game, but his length and athleticism have a lot of scouts intrigued.

  1. Charlotte Bobcats- Jan Vesely- SF (Czech Republic)

Vesely made a head-scratching move by dropping out of the 2010 draft, but he should still land in the lottery, barring a huge drop in production. He has good size and is tougher than past elite European prospects.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers- Derrick Williams- PF (Arizona)

Williams is another guy off to a great start this season, and I expect him to help bring Arizona back into the national spotlight by the time the NCAA tournament rolls around.

  1. Houston Rockets- Jeff Taylor- SF (Vanderbilt)

Taylor seems like the type of under-the-radar player Darryl Morey always seems to find. He's had a solid career at Vanderbilt and has the toughness to have a long career in the NBA.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies- Marcus Morris- PF (Kansas)

Morris has been a steady performer and is off to a great start this season. I expect him to be in lottery contention by March Madness.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers- Jonas Valanciunas- C (Lithuania)

Portland loves two things- international players and centers. Valanciunas covers both for a team which is stocked on the wings, and without a quality PG option at this draft slot.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks- Josh Selby- SG (Kansas)

I, for one, am really excited to see Josh Selby join an already stacked Kansas squad. If he's integrated properly, Kansas may be 1b to Duke's 1a.

  1. Indiana Pacers- Trey Thompkins- PF (Georgia)

The Pacers are trotting out Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough as their starting power forward, and that has to change. Thompkins is a big body with good hands, and I expect Georgia to make waves come tournament time.

  1. Phoenix Suns- Jordan Hamilton- SF (Texas)

Hamilton is a spectacular value at this spot, so the Suns will probably trade this pick for pennies on the dollar. Hamilton has good length and can fill it up in a hurry.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers (From NOH)- Jimmer Fredette- PG (BYU)

Fredette reminds me of Stephen Curry in a way. They both put up huge numbers in college, but were never really taken seriously because they (1) played at mid-majors and (2) didn't look like NBA players.

  1. Atlanta Hawks- Tobias Harris- SF (Tennessee)

Harris is raw, but very talented. He could probably use another year in college, but is still a top 20 pick based on potential.

  1. New York Knicks- Mason Plumlee- PF (Duke)

The Knicks made some sneaky picks last year and now appear to be set on the wings as well as the center position. Plumlee has good size and is athletic enough to play in Mike D'Antoni's up-tempo system.

  1. Denver Nuggets- Tyler Honeycutt- SF (UCLA)

This just in: Carmelo Anthony will not be a Nugget in 2011. Denver has some depth, but very little at the small forward spot, and Honeycutt would be a nice addition. He can rebound and score in bunches and he'll have plenty of opportunities to fill Melo's shoes.

  1. Orlando Magic- Alec Burks- SG (Colorado)

Vince Carter won't be able to play forever, and Burks is just what the Magic are looking for- a go-to scorer with a reliable outside jump shot.

  1. Chicago Bulls- Scotty Hopson- SG (Tennessee)

Hopson has really vaulted his stock so far this season, and should be a first round lock because of his ability to score and create his own shot. The Bulls would love to land Burks, but they'll settle for Hopson.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder- Tristan Thompson- PF (Texas)

This would be a huge find for the Thunder. Thompson is one of the most gifted big men in college basketball and could develop into a Chris Bosh-type player.

  1. Utah Jazz- Kalin Lucas- PG (Michigan State)

Lucas has been a consistent performer for Tom Izzo for a long time, and appears to be the prototypical NBA backup point guard. He's quick, he's smart, and he's capable of making a big play if called upon.

  1. Toronto Raptors (from MIA)- Kyle Singler- SF (Duke)

Singler almost has to be a first round pick based on reputation alone. The Raptors need a lot of help, and with a point guard already picked, a wing makes a lot of sense.

  1. New Jersey Nets (from LAL)- LaceDarius Dunn- SG (Baylor)

Dunn has made it clear that he is less than a great guy, but he's a gifted scorer who can get his own shot and maybe run the point from time-to-time. If the Melo trade goes through and the draft goes as I'm projecting, imagine a lineup of Devin Harris, Dunn, Melo, Sullinger, and Brook Lopez. Not too bad.

  1. Dallas Mavericks- CJ Leslie- SF (North Carolina State)

Leslie has been inconsistent so far, but that is to be expected from a young player. He has good size and upside, but may not have a set position at the next level.

  1. Boston Celtics- JuJuan Johnson- C (Purdue)

Boston could potentially lose half of its roster to retirement in the off-season, so an NBA-ready big man like Johnson makes a lot of sense.

  1. San Antonio Spurs- Elias Harris- SF (Gonzaga)

Harris exploded onto the season as a freshmen last year. He has slumped as a sophomore, but I doubt that the Spurs have forgotten. Harris is a hard worker and has good upside, which are usually traits of Spurs' draft picks.