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NBA Analytics- February 12th

The following rankings determine the most effective and most consistent players on each NBA team.  Only players appearing in 50% of their team's games are eligible.  Effectiveness is measured using the mean of the player's fantasy value, calculated by ESPN's formula [Pts + Reb + 1.4*Ast + Stl + 1.4*Blk -.7*TO + FGM + .5*TGM -.8*(FGA-FGM) + .25*FTM - .8*(FTA-FTM)] and consistency is measured by the standard deviation of the player's ESPN values divided by the mean.


Eastern Conference


Atlantic Division


Boston Celtics:

Best Player: Rajon Rondo-34.06

Most Consistent Player: Rajon Rondo-.29

Most Inconsistent Player: Brian Scalabrine-1.36


New Jersey Nets:

Best Player: Brook Lopez-35.30

Most Consistent Player: Devin Harris-.32 (30 of 52 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Trenton Hassell-.86


New York Knicks:

Best Player: David Lee-39.40

Most Consistent Player: Lee-.31

Most Inconsistent Player: Toney Douglas-1.00


Philadelphia 76ers:

Best Player: Andre Iguodala-33.02

Most Consistent Player: Iguodala-.30

Most Inconsistent Player: Jason Kapono-1.36


Toronto Raptors:

Best Player: Chris Bosh-42.22

Most Consistent Player: Bosh-.28

Most Inconsistent Player: Rasho Nesterovic-.94


Southeast Division


Atlanta Hawks:

Best Player: Joe Johnson-34.15

Most Consistent Player: Josh Smith-.31

Most Inconsistent Player: Jeff Teague-1.25


Charlotte Bobcats:

Best Player: Gerald Wallace-34.86

Most Consistent Player: Wallace, Stephen Jackson-.39

Most Inconsistent Player: Gerald Henderson-1.52


Miami Heat:

Best Player: Dwyane Wade-42.53

Most Consistent Player: Wade-.28

Most Inconsistent Player: Daequan Cook-1.00


Orlando Magic:

Best Player: Dwight Howard-36.82

Most Consistent Player: Howard-.31

Most Inconsistent Player: Brandon Bass-.78


Washington Wizards:

(For purposes of this analysis, I'll omit Gilbert Arenas, who leads the team in PER and consistency after playing 32 of 50 team games, despite being suspended for the remainder of the 2009-2010 season)

Best Player: Antawn Jamison-32.05

Most Consistent Player: Caron Butler-.33

Most Inconsistent Player: Dominic McGuire- 1.27


Central Division


Chicago Bulls:

Best Player: Derrick Rose-31.42

Most Consistent Player: Luol Deng-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: Jannero Pargo-1.22


Cleveland Cavaliers:

Best Player: LeBron James-52.2

Most Consistent Player: James-.23

Most Inconsistent Player: Jawad Williams-1.12


Detroit Pistons:

Best Player: Rodney Stuckey-27.99

Most Consistent Player: Stuckey-.35

Most Inconsistent Player: Austin Daye-.89


Indiana Pacers:

Best Player: Danny Granger-33.6

Most Consistent Player: Granger-.36 (35 of 52 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Luther Head-.82


Milwaukee Bucks:

Best Player: Andrew Bogut-32.55

Most Consistent Player: Bogut, Brandon Jennings-.43

Most Inconsistent Player: Jodie Meeks-1.20





Western Conference


Southwest Division


Dallas Mavericks:

Best Player: Dirk Nowitzki-39.23

Most Consistent Player: Jason Kidd-.31

Most Inconsistent Player: James Singleton-1.18


Houston Rockets:

Best Player: Aaron Brooks-28.87

Most Consistent Player: Luis Scola-.36

Most Inconsistent Player: David Andersen-.81


Memphis Grizzlies:

Best Player: Zach Randolph-36.89

Most Consistent Player: Marc Gasol-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: Marcus Williams-1.07


New Orleans Hornets:

Best Player: Chris Paul-44.14

Most Consistent Player: Paul-.27 (38 of 53 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Darren Collison-.87


San Antonio Spurs:

Best Player: Tim Duncan-38.24

Most Consistent Player: Duncan-.28

Most Inconsistent Player: Matt Bonner-.89


Northwest Division


Denver Nuggets:

Best Players: Carmelo Anthony-42.16

Most Consistent Player: Anthony-.29

Most Inconsistent Player: Malik Allen, Joey Graham-.99


Minnesota Timberwolves:

Best Player: Al Jefferson-32.52

Most Consistent Player: Kevin Love-.28 (33 of 53 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: Sasha Pavlovic-1.16


Oklahoma City Thunder:

Best Player: Kevin Durant- 44.61

Most Consistent Player: Durant-.29

Most Inconsistent Player: Eric Maynor-.88


Portland Trial Blazers:

Best Player: Brandon Roy-36.49

Most Consistent Player: Roy-.34

Most Inconsistent Player: Dante Cunningham-.84


Utah Jazz:

Best Player: Carlos Boozer-37.36

Most Consistent Player: Deron Williams-.33

Most Inconsistent Player: Kyrylo Fesenko-1.14


Pacific Division


Golden State Warriors:

Best Player: Monta Ellis-38.81

Most Consistent Player: Ellis-.35

Most Inconsistent Player: Chris Hunter-1.28


Los Angeles Clippers:

Best Player: Chris Kaman-33.06

Most Consistent Player: Kaman-.32

Most Inconsistent Player: Steve Novak-1.81


Los Angeles Lakers:

Best Player: Kobe Bryant-41.57

Most Consistent Player: Pau Gasol-.33 (37 of 54 games)

Most Inconsistent Player: DJ Mbenga-1.44


Phoenix Suns:

Best Player: Steve Nash-38.44

Most Consistent Player: Nash-.27

Most Inconsistent Player: Earl Clark-1.36


Sacramento Kings:

Best Player: Tyreke Evans-33.30

Most Consistent Player: Evans-.36

Most Inconsistent Player: Ime Udoka-1.03

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