Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft (Lottery v1)

This is the first version of the 2011 Court Visionaries' Mock Lottery. This season, the site will complete the lottery as it is conducted by the NBA. Four balls are chosen from the lottery set 1-14, and the resulting combination determines the winner of the lottery. This process is completed two more times to determine the other two lottery winners, and the remaining 11 teams are chosen by the reverse order of their regular season finish.

In the first version of the Mock Lottery, the three chosen teams were #2, #6, and #1, respectively, which resulted in the following draft order:

1) Cleveland Cavaliers- Kyrie Irving- PG (Duke)
2) Sacramento Kings- Derrick Williams- SF (Arizona)
3) Minnesota Timberwolves- Enes Kanter- C (Turkey)
4) Toronto Raptors- Terrence Jones- SF (Kentucky)
5) Washington Wizards- Jonas Valanciunas- C (Lithuania)
6) Utah Jazz (from NJN)- Jan Vesely- SF (Czech Republic)
7) Detroit Pistons- Kemba Walker- PG (Connecticut)
8) Cleveland Cavaliers (from LAC)- Bismack Boyombo- F (Congo)
9) Charlotte Bobcats- Brandon Knight- PG (Kentucky)
10) Milwaukee Bucks- Marcus Morris- PF (Kansas)
11) Golden State Warriors- Donatas Motiejunas- PF (Lithuania)
12) Utah Jazz- Jimmer Fredette- PG (BYU)
13) Phoenix Suns- Kawhi Leonard- SF (San Diego State)
14) Houston Rockets- Jordan Hamilton- SG/SF (Texas)
15) Indiana Pacers- Markieff Morris- PF (Kentucky)
16) Philadelphia 76ers- Alec Burks- SG (Colorado)
17) New York Knicks- Tristan Thompson- PF (Texas)
18) Washington Wizards (from ATL)- Chris Singleton- SF (Florida State)
19) Charlotte Bobcats (from NOH)- Tyler Honeycutt- SG (UCLA)
20) Minnesota Timberwolves (from MEM)- Klay Thompson- SG (Washington State)
21) Portland Trail Blazers- Kenneth Faried- PF (Morehead State)
22) Denver Nuggets- Lucas Noguiera- C (Brazil)
23) Houston Rockets (from ORL via PHO)- Justin Harper- PF (Richmond)
24) Oklahoma City Thunder- Nolan Smith- PG (Duke)
25) Boston Celtics- Trey Thompkins- PF (Georgia)
26) Dallas Mavericks- Kyle Singler- SF (Duke)
27) New Jersey Nets (from LAL)- Travis Leslie- SG (Georgia)
28) Chicago Bulls (from MIA via TOR)- Josh Selby- SG (Kansas)
29) San Antonio Spurs- JuJuan Johnson- PF (Purdue)
30) Chicago Bulls- Keith Benson- C (Oakland)

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