Friday, June 19, 2009

NBA Draft Rumors (6/19)

Washington- Washington and Phoenix are discussing a deal centering on Phoenix big man Amare Stoudemire and Washington’s biggest asset- their fifth overall selection in the upcoming draft. Sources close to the deal say it has a “decent chance” of happening. Reports also have Washington high on Arizona’s Jordan Hill if they do decide to keep the 5th pick.

Golden State- Expanding on the rumored promise of a point guard-free first-round for Golden State, a source close to the Warriors has said that Jordan Hill is the intended target at #7.

Ty Lawson- Lawson’s agent, Jeffrey Fried, mentioned Tuesday that three teams were interested in moving into the “7-to-11 range” to pick his client. Of the three, Fried says two are looking to move up and one is looking to drop down.

Toronto- The Raptors are reportedly in the market for an athletic wingman with their ninth overall pick, with DeMar DeRozan, Gerald Henderson, James Johnson, and Earl Clark all possible.

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