Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 NBA Mock Draft (May 16th- 2 rounds)

It's been awhile since I published a straight 1-2-3 mock draft, so I figured I'd take this chance to do it. I've also showed the expectation of each first round pick (Potential vs. Early contribution), the reasoning behind it (Need vs. Value), and the lineup that would result with the picks/trades discussed in this mock. [The trades are Philadelphia-New York and Toronto-Houston.]

  1. New Jersey Nets- John Wall- PG (Kentucky)

Early Contribution - Best Available. Lineup: Wall/Harris, Lee/C D-R, Williams/Yi, FA Signee, Lopez.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves- Evan Turner- SG (Ohio State)

Early Contribution - Primary need: Wing scorer. Lineup: Flynn/Sessions, Turner/Ellington, Brewer/Gomes, Love, Jefferson/Pekovic.

  1. Sacramento Kings- DeMarcus Cousins- C (Kentucky)

Potential - Primary need: Low post presence. Lineup: Evans/Udrih, Garcia, Greene, Landry/Thompson, Cousins.

  1. Golden State Warriors- Derrick Favors- PF (Georgia Tech)

Potential - Secondary need: Athletic rebounder/defender. Lineup: Curry/Watson, Ellis/Morrow, Maggette/Azubuike, Randolph/Favors, Biedrins.

  1. Washington Wizards- Al-Farouq Aminu- SF (Wake Forest)

Potential - Primary need: Frontcourt versatility. Lineup: Arenas, Miller/Foye, Thornton/Howard, Blatche/Aminu, McGee.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers: Wesley Johnson- SF (Syracuse)

Early contribution - Need in Trade Scenario (Iguodala/Dalembert to NYK). Lineup: Holiday, Williams, Johnson, Lee, Speights.

  1. Detroit Pistons- Greg Monroe- PF (Georgetown)

Mix of Potential/Contribution - Primary need: Go-to big man. Lineup: Stuckey, Hamilton, Prince/Jerebko, Monroe/Villanueva, Wallace.

  1. Los Angeles Clippers- Hassan Whiteside- C (Marshall)

POTENTIAL - Best available. Lineup: Davis, Gordon, Butler, Griffin, Kaman/Whiteside.

  1. Utah Jazz (from New York)- Cole Aldrich- C (Kansas)

Early contribution - Primary Need: Frontcourt depth/post play. Lineup: Williams/Price, Matthews, Kirilenko/Miles, Milsap, Okur/Aldrich.

  1. Indiana Pacers- Xavier Henry- SG (Kansas)

Mix of Potential/Contribution - Primary need: Do-it-all two-guard. Lineup: Ford/Price, Henry/Rush, Granger, Murphy/Hansbrough, Hibbert.

  1. New Orleans Hornets- Ed Davis- PF (North Carolina)

Mix of Potential/Contribution – Secondary need: Frontcourt depth. Lineup: Paul/Collison, Thornton/Peterson, Peja, West/Davis, Okafor.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies- Donatas Motiejunas- PF (Lithuania)

Potential – Best Available/Potential need: Roster flexibility (3 picks). Lineup: Conley, Mayo/Brewer, Gay/Young, Randolph/Donatas?, Gasol/Thabeet.

  1. Toronto Raptors- Eric Bledsoe- PG (Kentucky)

Potential – Need in Trade Scenario (Bosh to Rockets). Lineup: Calderon/Bledsoe, DeRozan/Weems, Ariza/Turkoglu, Hill, Bargnani.

  1. Houston Rockets- James Anderson- SG (Oklahoma State)

Early Contribution – Need in Trade Scenario (Ariza/Hill to Knicks). Lineup: Brooks/Lowry, Martin/Anderson, Battier/Budinger, Bosh/Hayes, Yao.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks (from Chicago)- Patrick Patterson- PF (Kentucky)

Early Contribution – Primary need: Consistent frontcourt production. Lineup: Jennings, Redd/Salmons?, Delfino/Ilyasova, Patterson/Mbah a Moute, Bogut.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Charlotte)- Avery Bradley- SG (Texas)

Potential – Secondary need: perimeter defense. Lineup: Flynn/Sessions, Bradley/Ellington, Turner/Brewer, Love/Gomes, Jefferson/Pekovic.

  1. Chicago Bulls- Luke Babbit- SF (Nevada)

Early Contribution – Primary need: 3-point shooting. Lineup: Rose/Hinrich, FA Signee?, Deng/Babbit, Gibson/Johnson, Noah.

  1. Miami Heat- Ekpe Udoh- PF (Baylor)

Early Contribution – Best Available (Also their only need). Lineup: Chalmers, Wade?, Beasley, Udoh, FA Signee, FA Signee, FA Signee, Do you see where this is going?

  1. Boston Celtics- Paul George- SF (Fresno State)

Mix of Potential/Contribution – Primary need: Prepare for the demise of the Big 3). Lineup: Rondo, Allen (I think Tony is more likely than Ray to re-sign.), Pierce/George, Garnett/Davis, Perkins/Wallace.

  1. San Antonio Spurs- Gordon Hayward- SF (Butler)

Mix of Potential/Contribution – Primary need: Smart wing player who knows how to win. Lineup: Parker/Hill, Ginobili, Jefferson/Hayward, McDyess/Blair, Duncan.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder- Daniel Orton- PF (Kentucky)

Potential – Primary need: A Center-of-the-future. Lineup: Westbrook/Maynor, Harden/Sefolosha, Durant, Green/Ibaka, Orton/Krstic.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers- Larry Sanders- PF (Virginia Commonwealth)

Early Contribution – Secondary need: Youth infusion in frontcourt. Lineup: Miller/Bayless, Roy/Fernandez, Batum/Webster, Aldridge/James, Oden/Camby.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah)- Kevin Seraphin- PF (France)

Potential – Outside need: Roster flexibility, upside. Lineup: Flynn/Sessions/Rubio, Bradley/Ellington, Turner/Brewer, Love/Gomes/Seraphin, Jefferson/Pekovic.

  1. Atlanta Hawks- Damion James- SF (Texas)

Mix of Potential/Contribution – Secondary need: Frontcourt versatility. Lineup: Bibby/Teague, Crawford/Evans, Williams/James, Smith, Horford/Pachulia.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies (from Denver)- Jordan Crawford- SG (Xavier)

Early Contribution – Outside need: Best Available. Lineup: Conley/Mayo, Crawford/Brewer, Gay/Young, Randolph/Donatas?, Gasol/Thabeet.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Phoenix)- Devin Ebanks- SF (West Virginia)

Potential – Outside need: Depth at SF. Lineup: Westbrook/Maynor, Harden/Sefolosha, Durant/Ebanks, Green/Ibaka, Orton/Krstic.

  1. New Jersey Nets (from Dallas)- Gani Lawal- PF (Georgia Tech)

Early Contribution – Outside need: Toughness. Lineup: Wall/Harris, Lee/C D-R, Williams/Yi, FA Signee/Lawal, Lopez.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies (from LA Lakers)- Stanley Robinson- SF (Connecticut)

Early Contribution – Primary need: Rudy Gay insurance. Lineup: Conley/Mayo, Crawford/Brewer, Gay/Young/Robinson, Randolph/Donatas?, Gasol/Thabeet.

  1. Orlando Magic- Lance Stephenson- SG (Cincinnati)

Potential – Long-term need: Vince Carter insurance. Lineup: Nelson, Carter/Stephenson, Barnes/Pietrus, Lewis/Anderson/Bass, Howard/Gortat.

  1. Washington Wizards (from Cleveland)- Craig Brackins- PF (Iowa State)

Potential – Outside need: Frontcourt depth. Lineup: Arenas, Miller/Foye, Thornton/Howard, Blatche/Aminu, McGee/Alabi.

  1. New Jersey Nets- Willie Warren- PG/SG (Oklahoma)

  2. Oklahoma City Thunder- Armon Johnson- PG (Nevada)

  3. Sacramento Kings- Dominique Jones- SG (South Florida)

  4. Washington Wizards- Greivis Vasquez- SG (Maryland)

  5. Golden State Warriors- Miroslav Raduljica- C (Serbia)

  6. Detroit Pistons- Solomon Alabi- C (Florida State)

  7. Milwaukee Bucks- Terrico White- SG (Mississippi)

  8. New York Knicks- Darington Hobson- SF (New Mexico)

  9. New York Knicks- Sherron Collins- PG (Kansas)

  10. Indiana Pacers- Trevor Booker- PF (Clemson)

  11. Miami Heat- Jarvis Varnado- PF (Mississippi State)

  12. Miami Heat- Da'Sean Butler- SF (West Virginia)

  13. Los Angeles Lakers- Sylven Landesberg- SG (Virginia)

  14. Portland Trail Blazers- Elliot Williams- SG (Memphis)

  15. Minnesota Timberwolves- Jerome Jordan- C (Tulsa)

  16. Phoenix Suns- Artsiom Parakhouski- C (Radford)

  17. Milwaukee Bucks- Matt Bouldin- PG (Gonzaga)

  18. Miami Heat- Jerome Randle- PG (California)

  19. San Antonio Spurs- Omar Samhan- C (Saint Mary's)

  20. Dallas Mavericks- Charles Garcia- PF (Seattle)

  21. Oklahoma City Thunder- Robin Benzing- SF (Germany)

  22. Boston Celtics- Paulo Prestes- PF (Brazil)

  23. Atlanta Hawks- Manny Harris- SG (Michigan)

  24. Los Angelse Clippers- Nemanja Bjelica- SF (Serbia)

  25. Utah Jazz- Latavious Williams- SF (Tulsa 66ers- NBDL)

  26. Minnesota Timberwolves- J.P. Prince- SF (Tennessee)

  27. Dallas Mavericks- Aubrey Coleman- SG (Houston)

  28. Los Angeles Lakers- AJ Ogilvy- C (Vanderbilt)

  29. Orlando Magic- Ryan Wittman- SF (Cornell)

  30. Phoenix Suns- Ryan Thompson- SG (Rider)

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