Friday, May 28, 2010

NBA Combine Athletic Results 2010

Solomon Alabi- About as expected. Very poor in the agility and speed drills. Unremarkable vertical jump. 10 reps.

Cole Aldrich- Up and down. Surprising speed (3.35) and agility (11.48), with acceptable vertical numbers, but a very discouraging 10 bench press reps.

Al-Farouq Aminu- As expected. 33.5" vertical is impressive, as are speed (3.3) and agility (11.3) for a man of his size. 13 reps is respectable too.

James Anderson- Very good performance outside of agility drill (11.9). After watching live on ESPN3, I can't help but wonder if Anderson had trouble understanding the format of the drill. 35.5" vertical, 14 reps, and 3.2 sprint are all positive results.

Luke Babbit- Outstanding vertical leap of 37.5", challenging for the best at the combine. Lane agility time of 11 seconds flat is also very impressive. Candidate #1 for the Joe Alexander Workout Warrior Award.

Eric Bledsoe- Only competed in bench press. 9 reps is respectable, but unspectacular.

Trevor Booker- Great all-around performance. 36" vertical, 22 reps, 11.2 agility, and 3.1 sprint are all above average for big men. Booker is also in consideration for the JAWWA.

Craig Brackins- No 40" vertical, but 35" is respectable. 11.7 and 3.4 are decent agility and speed numbers, but 6 reps from a "power" forward is disconcerting.

Avery Bradley- Up and down. Very impressive 37.5" vertical and 3.1 sprint, but 11.5 lane agility and 2 reps aren't great.

Derrick Caracter- Probably punched his ticket to Europe. Too slow to play the four in the NBA (12.8 agility and 3.6 sprint are both well below average for a power forward), and doesn't have ideal size to play center. 22 reps are very impressive, however.

Sherron Collins- A bit of an enigma. Showed good burst (3.2 sprint) and explosiveness (33" vertical), but did very poor in the agility drill (12.3). Like James Anderson, I wonder if Collins had a hard time understanding the nuances of the agility drill.

DeMarcus Cousins- About as expected. Nothing Cousins did is really eye-popping, though I find it somewhat suspicious that he chose not to lift. 27.5" vertical, 11.4 agility, and 3.5 sprint are all average among big men.

Jordan Crawford- Somewhat up and down. Crawford posted a solid 34.5" vertical and an 11.0 agility time, but only a 3.4 sprint. That shows his quick first step (ability to create a shot or stay in front), but less than ideal top-end speed (transition offense/defense).

Ed Davis- Solid showing. Davis didn't lift (presumably due to his wrist injury), but he posted a 36" vertical, which is huge for a man of his size (In comparison, Derrick Favors jumped 35.5").

Devin Ebanks- Missed an opportunity to help himself. Ebanks wasn't poor, but his athleticism should be a selling point. A 32" vertical, 6 reps, an 11.7 agility time, and a 3.4 sprint are all just average.

Derrick Favors- Freak athleticism confirmed. Favors jumped 35.5" on the run and 31.5" flat-footed. His flat-footed effort was tied for second best at the Combine, just a half an inch behind Wesley Johnson, and it shows his second leap ability (a trait that has many comparing him to Amare Stoudemire).

Tiny Gallon- So-so except agility. Gallon put on a great show on Day 1, but was only mediocre on Day 2. In fact, his agility time wouldn't even begin to qualify as mediocre. The 13.4 seconds posted by Gallon was nearly 2 seconds off of the desired time of 11.5 seconds.

Charles Garcia- One glaring weakness. Garcia put up respectable numbers in speed (3.2), agility (11.7), and vertical jump (30.5"), but he could only muster 2 reps.

Paul George- Why skip everything but the bench press if you can only put up 4 reps?

Luke Harangody- Exactly as expected. Harangody put up pedestrian numbers in the vertical jump (28.5"), and mediocre numbers in speed (3.4) and agility (11.8), but he led the Combine with 23 reps at 185 lbs.

Manny Harris- Harris only performed the bench press, where he completed a solid 11 reps.

Lazar Hayward- JAWWA nominee number 3. Hayward posted a 36" vertical, 15 reps, a 3.3 sprint, and a Combine-best 10.9 second agility drill.

Gordon Hayward- Steady in all categories. Hayward was near the mode in agility (11.7) and speed (3.2), and around the mean in the bench press (10 reps), but he impressed with his leaping ability. He notched 34.5" with a 30.5" flat-footed effort.

Xavier Henry- May have moved into the lottery. Henry had an up-and-down year, but the biggest knock was his lack of athleticism. A 36.5" vertical and an 11.1 second agility drill may quiet those doubts.

Darington Hobson- Steady. Nearly exactly the same scores as Gordon Hayward, except a little worse in the flat-footed vertical jump.

Damion James- Showed his competitiveness. James will never be confused for the best athlete in this class, but he performed very well at the Combine. A 33" vertical, 13 reps, a 10.9 agility drill, and a 3.2 sprint are all very good.

Armon Johnson- Johnson is the fourth candidate for the JAWWA. He posted a fantastic vertical at 38.5", and did an astounding 18 reps (which was just one behind Dominique Jones, who lead all perimeter players with 19), and put up solid speed (3.2) and agility (11.3) numbers.

Wesley Johnson- JAWWA honorable mention #1. Johnson had the best flat-footed leap at 32" and a very impressive 37" running leap. He also did 16 reps and had good speed (3.1) and agility (11.4) drills.

Dominique Jones- JAWWA honorable mention #2. Jones led all guards with 19 reps, jumped a respectable 32.5", had an average sprint (3.3), and ran a great agility drill (10.9).

Jerome Jordan- Didn't take part in any drills.

Sylven Landesberg- Average across the board. 32" vertical, 8 reps, 11.6 agility drill, and 3.4 sprint. There's really nothing of note there at all.

Gani Lawal- Solid showing. Lawal's numbers are very close to Landesberg's actually, aside from his 20 reps and faster sprint (3.2).

Greg Monroe- Up and down. Monroe posted solid, but unspectacular results in his vertical (29") and his bench press (15 reps), but appear to be a little out of shape, running a 12.1 agility drill and a 3.4 sprint.

Daniel Orton- Out of shape. Like Monroe, Orton struggled in the agility (12.3) and speed (3.4) drills. He did post a 30.5" vertical, and he completed 13 reps.

Artsiom Parakhouski- Nothing surprising. Parakhouski isn't an athletic marvel, so his modest numbers shouldn't be a surprise. 26.5" vertical, 16 reps, 12.1 agility, 3.3 sprint.

Patrick Patterson- Very consistent. Patterson lived up to his MO by being extremely consistent. He posted a 33.5" vertical, 17 reps, and respectable times in the agility (11.1) and speed (3.3) drills.

Dexter Pittman- Didn't take part in any drills.

Andy Rautins- Decent showing, but still a fringe 2nd rounder. Nothing spectacular about a 30.5" vertical, 8 reps, an 11.3 agility drill, or a 3.5 sprint.

Ryan Richards- Obviously still needs some work. A 28.5" vertical with 4 reps at 185 pounds is not indicative of a player ready to produce in the NBA. An 11.3 agility drill and a 3.4 sprint aren't overwhelming either.

Stanley Robinson- Somewhat disappointing. I may be the only one, but the first thing I scanned for when these numbers came out was Robinson's vertical. 37.5" is very good, but I was surprised to see him fail to get to 40".

Larry Sanders- Hurt his stock a bit. Sanders really struggled with the agility drill (12.5), failed to display his leaping ability (28"), and confirmed that he needs to add muscle (7 reps).

Jon Scheyer- Didn't take part in any drills.

Lance Stephenson- Solid showing. Stephenson impressed with a 33" vertical, and was average in everything else (10 reps, 11.4 agility, 3.4 sprint).

Mikhail Torrance- Showed that he belongs. Torrance showed that he belongs in the first round discussion, but up comparable numbers to the much better known Stephenson (32"-8 reps-11.4-3.2).

Evan Turner- About as expected. Turner showed good explosiveness, leaping 34.5". He also put up an 11-second flat agility drill, which is very good. His 9 reps and 3.3-second sprint were just average.

Ekpe Udoh- Up and down. Udoh put up nice numbers in the agility (11.2) and sprint (3.3) drills, but was very impressive in the leaping drills, where he did 31" flat-footed and 33.5" on the run.

Jarvis Varnado- Lacks strength and mobility. Varnado had a good vertical at 32.5", but did only 3 reps and struggled in the agility (11.6) and speed (3.4) drills.

Greivis Vasquez- Didn't take part in any drills.

John Wall- If you didn't have a man-crush before, you should now. 39" vertical, 10.8 agility drill, 3.1 sprint. Do I need to explain?

Willie Warren- A solid showing. A 31.5" vertical, 10 reps, and an 11.2 agility time are all very good. He did post a 3.5-second sprint, but I'll assume that's an aberration.

Terrico White- The final JAWWA nominee. White was the surprise winner of the best vertical leap at an even 40". He also posted respectable efforts in the bench press (10 reps), agility (11.4), and speed drills (3.2).

Hassan Whiteside- Up and down. Whiteside surprised me by completing 12 reps on the bench press. He also jumped 31.5", but had below average times in the agility (11.8) and speed (3.5) drills.

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