Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NBA Combine JAWWA Results 2010

And now, with no further adieu, the results of the NBA Combine's most sought after "prize", the first annual Joe Alexander Workout Warrior Award.


Wesley Johnson- Johnson had the best flat-footed leap at 32" and a very impressive 37" running leap. He also did 16 reps and had good speed (3.1) and agility (11.4) drills.

Dominique Jones- Jones led all guards with 19 reps, jumped a respectable 32.5", had an average sprint (3.3), and ran a great agility drill (10.9).


  1. Terrico White- White had an up-and-down overall performance in the drills, but he gains inclusion in the JAWWA Top 5 because he produced the only 40" vertical at the entire camp. The rest of his numbers (10 bench press reps, 11.4 seconds in the agility drill, and a 3.2-second sprint) were pretty unremarkable, but White's vertical leap really came out of nowhere and should help his perception as an athlete.

  1. Lazar Hayward- Hayward helped his stock immensely during the combine, displaying both his athleticism and his shooting ability. He was probably a fringe second rounder before the Combine, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him move into the lower 40's after his showing in Chicago. Hayward posted a 36" vertical, 15 reps, a 3.3 sprint, and tied for the best agility drill at the Combine with a 10.9-second effort.

  1. Luke Babbit- Babbit is an outstanding scorer and a very capable rebounder, but his athleticism has never been an asset. However, Babbit shocked his doubters by posting a vertical leap of 37.5", which was one of the best at the Combine. He also ran a solid agility drill at 11 seconds flat. Assuming that things go well in his individual workouts, Babbit should land in the lottery, possibly as high as number 8 to the Clippers. (Anybody remember which pick the Bucks used on Joe Alexander two years ago??)

  1. Armon Johnson- Johnson is the tough luck runner-up for this year's JAWWA. Like Lazar Hayward, Johnson really helped his stock in both the athletic and shooting portions of the Combine. His athletic drills were consistently above average, especially for a player of his size. Johnson posted a fantastic vertical at 38.5", and did an astounding 18 bench press reps (which was just one behind Dominique Jones, who lead all perimeter players with 19), and put up solid speed (3.2) and agility (11.3) numbers.

  1. Trevor Booker- Booker had a fantastic all-around performance. With his 36" vertical, 22 reps, 11.2-second agility drill, and 3.1-second sprint, he moves up from a likely second round pick to a fringe first rounder, depending on his individual workouts. I would love to see a one-on-one matchup of Booker and Gani Lawal, who I've had penciled in as a first rounder all season.

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