Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NBA Combine Winners/Losers 2010

The following are the biggest winners and losers from the 2010 NBA Draft Combine, which was held last week in Chicago.


Armon Johnson- Johnson had a strong showing in both the shooting and athletic drills, and measured out at 6'3.25" in shoes, which is more than adequate for an NBA point guard. In a draft so thin at the lead guard spot, Johnson really did himself a favor, and should be able to secure a guaranteed contract if he carries his Combine momentum into his individual workouts.

Mikhail Torrance- Torrance was somewhat polarizing coming into the Combine. Some scouts saw him as a first round talent, while others saw him possibly going undrafted. After his shooting display at the Combine, however, Torrance should find himself comfortably in position to be drafted on the 24th.

Ryan Richards- Richards gained more than any other player from his performance at the Combine, simply because it was the first time that many scouts had seen him. A lanky British center, Richards measured out at 6'11.75" in shoes and showed good mobility in Chicago. He has likely assured himself of a second round selection if he decides to enter this year.

Paul George- George performed admirably, but unspectacularly in the athletic and shooting drills, but measured out very well. With the game of a two guard and the frame of a power forward (6'8.75" in shoes, with a 6'11.25" wingspan, and a 8'11" standing reach), George proved that he will certainly provide matchup problems at the next level.

Trevor Booker- Booker makes this list because of his selection as the Joe Alexander Workout Warrior Award winner. Booker jumped 36", completed 22 reps in the bench press, and had respectable showings in the speed and agility drills. A four year player with a reputation as a rugged rebounder, Booker has moved himself into the first round discussion.

Derrick Favors- I know, I know. Favors' stock was already through the roof, but after measuring 6'10.25" in shoes, with a 7'4" (!!!) wingspan and a 9'2" standing reach, some scouts are beginning to project him as a center at the next level.


James Anderson- Anderson has been lauded by myself and others as the best shooter in this class, but he really picked the wrong time to have an off day. During the Combine shooting drills, Anderson connected on just 58.1% of his unguarded attempts, including just 36% from the NBA 3-point distance. That performance will likely have less weight than his collegiate career and his individual workouts, but it will likely plant a seed of doubt in the mind of many GMs.

Hassan Whiteside- Whiteside's struggles had nothing to do with his on-court performance. In fact, Whiteside's 7'7" wingspan was one of the most eye-popping revelations from the Combine. However, it has been widely reported that Whiteside struggled mightily during the interview process, which appears to confirm the fears of many GMs and scouts.

Cole Aldrich- Aldrich has been projected as a top 10 pick since he decided to bypass the 2009 draft, but with just three weeks until the 2010 version of the Draft, his stock has never been lower. Aldrich measured just 6'9" without shoes and 6'11.25" with them (Aside: I didn't know they made platform shoes for guys who were already 6'9".), and posted a very disappointing 25" vertical jump. He'll probably still land in the lottery, but I would be surprised to see him in the top 10.

Daniel Orton/DeMarcus Cousins- The pair of Kentucky big men have a lot in common. Both are polarizing draft prospects who spent just one year with the Wildcats. The duo also measured around 6'9" barefoot, but the biggest thing that they have in common is their respective weight problems. Cousins weighed in at 292 pounds with 16.4% body fat, while Orton tipped the scales at 269 pounds with 13.8% body fat. Clearly these two have spent a lot of time discussing their similarities over Papa John's and Burger King.

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