Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010 NBA Mock Draft (May 4th)

Similar to ESPN's Chad Ford, I've designed a "Lottery Machine" that selects the 2010 NBA Lottery at random, based on the prescribed lottery odds of each team.  Using a program called Mathematica (Courtesy Wolfram Research), I've compiled 22 random lotteries, which I will use to complete a different mock draft each weekday from now through May 18th when the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery is held.


1)    Sacramento Kings (3)- John Wall- PG (Kentucky)


Even though the Kings have Evans at PG, I get the impression that Wall will re-assert his dominance over this draft during the pre-draft camp and his individual workouts.


2)    Golden State Warriors (4)- Evan Turner- SG (Ohio State)


Turner's versatility is exactly what the Warriors could use on their perimeter.  They could also look to trade either this pick or Monta Ellis, or both.


3)    New Jersey Nets (1)- Derrick Favors- PF (Georgia Tech)


Favors provides the best fit of any player in this draft for the Nets.  He was only mildly impressive as a freshman at Georgia Tech, but his physical gifts speak for themselves.


4)    Minnesota Timberwolves- DeMarcus Cousins- C (Kentucky)


The more I think about it, the more I believe that this is the right pick for the Wolves.  As good as Turner is, and as well as he fits in Minnesota, Cousins has legitimate superstar potential, where Turner just doesn't.  This pick makes Al Jefferson's future very unclear.


5)    Washington Wizards- Al-Farouq Aminu- SF (Wake Forest)


The fifth pick will likely be the start of the "second tier" in this draft, and the Wizards will likely tap one of the small forward prospects (Aminu or Johnson).


6)    Philadelphia 76ers- Wesley Johnson- SF (Syracuse)


Johnson would provide the outside shooting that the 76ers badly need.  He would also provide them with a wealth of flexibility around the perimeter.


7)    Detroit Pistons- Greg Monroe- PF/C (Georgetown)


The Pistons will likely target a center this summer, but Monroe's versatile skill set and high upside will move him above Cole Aldrich on Detroit's wish list.


8)    Los Angeles Clippers- Hassan Whiteside- C (Marshall)


The Clippers would love to land a small forward at this spot, but with Aminu and Johnson off the board, they'll take their chances with a high-upside project in Whiteside.


9)    Utah Jazz (from New York)- Cole Aldrich- C (Kansas)


Aldrich is a great fit for the Jazz.  He's an NBA-ready player with great size, and on top of that, he's white!


10) Indiana Pacers- Ed Davis- PF (North Carolina)


While Xavier Henry fits more of an immediate need for the Pacers, Davis makes Troy Murphy expendable, which is a move Indiana has been working on for quite a while.


11) New Orleans Hornets- Patrick Patterson- PF (Kentucky)


Patterson is a solid player with a wealth of collegiate experience, who should be able to contribute right away.  Forget that the Hornets have David West at that spot, as New Orleans made the same call with Darren Collison last year and acquired a great player.


12) Memphis Grizzlies- Donatas Motiejunas- PF (Lithuania)


Memphis could decide to reach for Eric Bledsoe or Xavier Henry, but Motiejunas provides the most value and arguably the highest ceiling of any player on the board.


13) Toronto Raptors- Ekpe Udoh- PF (Baylor)


I told you to get used to this pick and I wasn't kidding.


14) Houston Rockets- Luke Babbit- SF (Nevada)

I get the distinct impression that the Rockets are going to surprise some people with this pick, and I'm hearing that a lot of people are very high on Babbit.  He is a great shooter and a very capable rebounder, who can play either forward spot.


15) Milwaukee Bucks (from Chicago)- Xavier Henry- SG (Kansas)


John Salmons will likely opt out of his contract, and if the Bucks aren't sure they can re-sign him, Henry makes a lot of sense as Michael Redd's long-term replacement.


16) Minnesota Timberwolves (from Charlotte)- James Anderson- SG (Oklahoma State)


This mock will make my friends over at Canis Hoopus ( very happy.  Personally, I like Henry much better, but Anderson would provide Minnesota with a dynamic scorer and a great shooter.


17) Chicago Bulls (from Milwaukee)- Paul George- SF (Fresno State)


If the Bulls land George, they may be getting more than the bargained for.  He makes sense because he's the best shooter left on the board, but he has much more to offer than that.  George may end up being on of the bigger steals in the draft.


18) Miami Heat- Daniel Orton- C (Kentucky)


Orton is as polarizing of a prospect as you'll find in this class.  Some believe he's a lottery pick, while others see him as a second-rounder.  I think he'll land somewhere in the late teens or early 20's.


19) Boston Celtics- Damion James- SF (Texas)


James is capable of playing both forward spots and being a stabilizing force off of a wildly inconsistent second unit for the Celtics.


20) San Antonio Spurs- Gordon Hayward- SF (Butler)


I think this is a no-brainer if Hayward is still on the board.  He may have the highest basketball IQ in the entire draft, and he's shown that he is a flat-out winner.


21) Oklahoma City Thunder- Larry Sanders- PF (Virginia Commonwealth)


Sanders is a very consistent player with good physical tools and athleticism.  He would be a nice fit in an aging Thunder frontcourt rotation.


22) Portland Trail Blazers- Avery Bradley- SG (Texas)


Bradley will need to learn how to run a team to stick in the NBA, but Brandon Roy would be a great teacher.  Bradley would also be a nice compliment to Jerryd Bayless on Portland's second unit.


23) Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah)- Devin Ebanks- SF (West Virginia)


Ebanks hasn't even sniffed his potential at this point, but he has a chance to become a very good player at the next level thanks to his length and athleticism.


24) Atlanta Hawks- Gani Lawal- PF (Georgia Tech)


Again, didn't I tell you to get used to this pick?


25) Memphis Grizzlies (from Denver)- Eric Bledsoe- PG (Kentucky)


The Grizzlies hit a homerun by drafting a player at #25 whom they would have considered at #12.


26) Oklahoma City Thunder (from Phoenix)- Miroslav Raduljica- C (Serbia)


Raduljica and Kevin Seraphin will likely both get looks in the first round, and the Thunder need a true center more than another power forward, so the pick is worth a gamble here.


27) New Jersey Nets (from Dallas)- Willie Warren- SG (Oklahoma)


Let me make his very clear: Willie Warren is NOT a point guard.  At best, he's a combo guard at this point, which isn't to say that he doesn't have a chance to be effective at the next level.  Jamal Crawford showed the value of a scorer in the 6th man role this season, and Warren could be equally effective if used correctly.


28) Memphis Grizzlies (from LA Lakers)- Stanley Robinson- SF (Connecticut)


I think Robinson has bust written all over him, but his elite athleticism should be enough for him to garner a guaranteed contract from someone.


29) Orlando Magic- Elliot Williams- SG (Memphis)


Orlando has made it clear that they're surrounding Dwight Howard with shooters, natural position be damned.  Williams may not be a point guard, but he shot 37% from deep this season, and he's a much better ball handler than JJ Redick.


30) Washington Wizards (from Cleveland)- Kevin Seraphin- PF (France)


Seraphin has the potential to develop into a very nice player, and there's very little risk in picking him at #30.


  1. Best mock draft around. Much love for telling it like it is in Utah. If the Jazz could somehow get Aldrich and Hayward, Salt Lake City would go insane.

  2. Don't know about best mock around, but solid job nonetheless. I disagree with your assessment that Cousins is a potential superstar, while Turner is not. After pre-draft workouts, Bledsoe will go higher than 25.